Upcoming Seminars: Medical Errors, Biomedical Testing & Imaging Studies April 26 2015 (7 Hrs) ; Selvon Nanan, M.D.

TARGETED AUDIENCE: Seminar is designed for TCM practitioners acupuncturists other allied Healthcare Providers and Students.
SEMINAR OBJECTIVE: To educate allied Healthcare Providers, TCM Practitioners, Acupuncturists and Students on the following subjects.
1. Patient safety and prevention of Medical Errors. 2. Basic laboratory testing: General screening tests in preventative care; baseline testing in
disease states, as well as disease specific testing. 3. Commonly utilized Imaging Studies in the evaluation and diagnosis of disease states as
well as assessment of treatment modalities.
LEARNING OBJECTIVES: After completion of this seminar, participants will:
1. Be more diligent and proactive in the prevention of Medical Errors and in the promotion of Patient safety during treatment
2. Have a clearer understanding of Western Biomedical testing, indications for testing and interpretation of results
3. Have had an introduction to Imaging studies, theoretic basis and usefulness, clinical indications, limitations and cost effectiveness.

To register:   http://www.atom.edu/continuing-education/