Upcoming Seminars: A Practical Presentation of Florida Laws and Rules and Key Herbs in Integrative Oncolog

Amy J Sear, A.P, Dipl. O.M:
A Practical Presentation
of Florida Laws
and Rules (2 Hrs)

Key Herbs in Integrative
Oncology (6 Hrs)

A Practical Presentation of Florida Laws and Rules (2 Hours) Amy J Sear, A.P, Dipl. O.M
Every renewal cycle, Amy designs a new course – fulfilling the requirement for 2 hours on FL Laws and Rules for the Acupuncture profession.
Each time she provides an explanation of everything that is new since the last renewal, as well as the potential upcoming future changes.
She also picks specific topics, within all of the many Laws and Rules, and focuses on them – with simplicity, clarity and a definite practical
emphasis. This year she will provide focus on these topics:
• What is new since last renewal • Potential future changes • What things you can, and can’t, have staff do in your office
• Independent contractor considerations legal ones, illegal ones, taxes, patient medical records, etc information of value to both/either sides
of this relationship
•. Tips and practical advice on what to do and how to handle a discipline complaint or charge against you

Key Herbs in Integrative Oncology (6 Hours)
Herbs play an ever increasing role in Integrative Oncology. This course will provide and cover all of the most important, most well recognized
herbs – for use at various times throughout the Cancer journey. Organized, focused, and loaded with information: about when, when not, and
how. Herbs will be discussed from the chinese medicine perspective, but also extensive information relating to documented modern
biomedical knowledge will be highlighted. Focus will be mostly on individual herbs, but some noteworthy formulas for use in Integrative
Oncology are included, as are numerous resources for future learning.
Amy is one of few experts in this topic nationwide. And she is an experienced and well respected speaker. This is a unique opportunity to
get great information, chiseled down by an expert.