Press Release of ATOM

Mr. Zhou, Xingguang, Mr. Sun, Jing and Mr. Wu from the Chinese Central Television Station (CCTV) visited, interviewed and video-taped the executives, students and facilities on the campus of Atlantic Institute of Oriental Medicine between February 1, 2018 and February 4, 2018. They first interviewed Dr. Johanna Yen, the President and the Founder of ATOM and the heads of all the departments. They then talked to Dr. Xu, Renliang, Chair of the ATOM Board of Directors together with all other Board Members. This team spent the whole day talking and discussing with the Atom students they would encounter on the campus. Some of the students were eager to conduct the conversations with our visitors using the little Chinese they have learned in class. That was indeed a very lively atmosphere! The three visitors were courageous enough to ask for the acupuncture treatment performed by supervised students at the ATOM Intern Clinic. This is a great encouragement to the present ATOM students.
The only remaining original donor, Mr. Yu, Wenxiao, was very excited to meet the friendly reporters from the motherland. On the morning of the fourth day, the CCTV team interviewed the Chinese representatives of the TCM practitioners in South Florida. They travelled the distance from different cities just to greet the honorable countrymen from China. For the opening, Dr. Yen recited the poem “Umbilical Cord Blood¬¬¬ — the Source of life” to express our profound feelings towards the motherland.
We are so grateful to CCTV, and through the reporting, we would like to show our gratitude to all of our supporters in China. Thanks for not forgetting about us!

Atlantic Institute of Oriental Medicine
Florida, USA