Herbal Therapy

ATOM’s training programs offer comprehensive training in herbal medicine with coursework in herbal theory, identification and functions of specific herbs, and the preparation of herbal formulas from raw and granular herbs. ATOM’s program is one of the most comprehensive in the nation, with education in herbal theory, identification and function of more than 300 herbs and the combination of those herbs in formulas to restore states of health.

Designed by highly trained Chinese herbal practitioners with many years of clinical experience, our herbal program exceeds national requirements. The herbal curriculum includes training inbasic herbal knowledge followed by an in-depth study of individual herbs, their functions and physical properties including the hands-on herbal lab section. The curriculum continues with training in the preparation of herbal formulations made from raw herbs during the clinic internship experience. You will learn to adjust and modify classical formulas to suit the individual needs of each patient. Classical Chinese texts on herbal treatment of disease serve as the source materials for advanced students in the study of the theory of disease, syndrome differentiation and herbal formulations.