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TCM Pediatrics April 26-29, 2019 Yonghong Jiang MD (China)Apr 21 2019

TCM Pediatrics
April 26-29, 2019
Yonghong Jiang MD (China)
Dr. Yonghong Jiang received her medical training from Shandong University of Chinese Medicine. She also obtained a Master degree from Medical College of Shanghai Jiaotong University and a Ph.D. from Shanghai University of Chinese Medicine. She has 20-year of experience in teaching and practicing pediatric Chinese medicine in China. Currently she is an associate professor in Longhua Hospital Affiliated to Shanghai University of Chinese Medicine. Dr. Jiang also had experience as visiting scholar in France, Germany and the United States.
Dr. Jiang’s primary specialty is pediatric pulmonary diseases, such as mycoplasma pneumonia, chronic cough, asthma, recurrent respiratory tract infections, as well as anorexia, sleep disorders, Tourette syndrome, enuresis, and so on. She also published research papers in professional journals.
Pediatrics is one of the major clinical specialties in the traditional Chinese Medicine. It is unique in theory, rich in the therapeutic methods and significant in the clinical curative effects. Dr. Jiang’s course is composed of three major parts: 1) summary of Pediatric Basis and Diagnostic Method; 2) TCM Treatment of Common Pediatric Diseases; 3) Common External Therapy. The students successfully completing this course will have acquired basic knowledge and diagnostic and methods related to pediatric as well as the ability to treat common pediatric diseases. Understand auricular points or Tuina therapy for common pediatric diseases.

TCM Cardiology March 22 – 25, 2019 Mei Xian Jiang MD (China)Mar 22 2019

TCM Cardiology
March 22 – 25, 2019
Mei Xian Jiang MD (China)
Dr. Mei Xian Jiang graduated from Shanghai University of Chinese Medicine in 1982 and continued her study in the university with a Master’s degree in Chinese medicine. She started to work in the Department of Cardiology in Shanghai Shu Guang Hospital since 1986 and currently is a senior professor of Shanghai University of Chinese Medicine and chief physician of the Shu Guang Hospital.
Dr. Jiang is specialized in the integration traditional Chinese and Western medicine in cardiology, including TCM treatment of chronic heart failure, coronary heart diseases (angina pectoris, post myocardial infection), premature beat and hypertension etc. She also researched and published in professional journals in the field of TCM cardiology.
Dr. Jiang’s course introduces the theory and therapeutics of TCM in preventing and treating the heart diseases. It sums up the knowledge about TCM pathogenesis of heart disease for thousands of years, and the experiences in treating the heart diseases. The course is divided into three parts: 1) The knowledge about physiology and pathology of the circulatory system; 2) The etiology and pathogenesis (TCM) of heart disease and syndromes, and the commonly used treatment principles and prescription as well; 3) The therapeutics of TCM for common cardiovascular diseases, and several clinical trials about appraising clinical efficacy to prove the advantages of TCM in treating heart disease.

Free Tai Chi ClassesMar 13 2019

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Emperor’s Internal Classics (Huang Di Nei Jing) February 22-25, 2019 Di Fu MD/Ph.D. (China)Feb 21 2019

Emperor’s Internal Classics (Huang Di Nei Jing)
February 22-25, 2019
Di Fu MD/Ph.D. (China)
Dr. Di Fu is professor and vice president of the Atlantic Institute of Oriental Medicine. He received his medical training from Heilongjiang University of TCM and obtained master degree in clinical oriental medicine from Eastern College of TCM and doctoral degree in medicine from Heilongjiang University of TCM. He has extensive teaching experiences in both China and the US. He taught CME courses on acupuncture in the University of Miami, School of Medicine. Dr. Fu also published numerous books and research papers in acupuncture and oriental medicine.
This course introduces general pathogenesis in occurrence of diseases, general ways to keep healthy, and general principles in the treatment of diseases, which are set up in Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classics (Huang Di Nei Jing) and closely related to proper application of acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine. This course also discusses the physiology, etiology and pathology in ancient TCM perspective, by applying the established knowledge base to the “actual practice”. The emphasis is on how Huang Di Nei Jing theories center around the Yun Qi, or cosmic Qi activities.
Students successfully completing this course will obtain a more systematic way of analyzing clinical cases, making practical use of 5Y6Q theories. Students are expected to master translating a given date into 5Y6Q system, determining the affected triangles, analyzing the pathological nature, and designing and/or selecting the suitable treatment per 5Y6Q.

Acupuncture Application – Tung Style Basic January 25-28, 2019Feb 01 2019

Acupuncture Application – Tung Style Basic
January 25-28, 2019
Dr. Christine Chang
Dr. Christine Chang obtained her Master of Traditional Chinse Medicine degree from Emperor’s College of Traditional Oriental Medicine in 2001 and received Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine degree from the same institution in 2005. She has been practicing acupuncture and Chinese herbs since then. Dr. Chang also teaches acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine in various schools in California. She has been the interpreter of Dr. Weichieh Young, a well-known scholar for Master Tung’s acupuncture for many years. She also participants in and serves as board of directors for various national organizations and associations in the field of acupuncture and Chinese medicine.
This course was originally designed by Dr. Weichieh Young and is one of the two courses taught in ATOM. The course objectives include basic knowledge of Tung’s acupuncture. She introduces Tung’s style acupuncture point location, theory and applications. She also teaches Tung’s acupuncture needling technique and treatment principle. Students will learn diagnosis and treat the disease with Tung’s style technique and gain knowledge of quick diagnosis and formulate the point combination for various diseases.

TCM – Difficult Cases December 14 – 17, 2018 Guanhu Yang MD (China), MS, Ph.D.Dec 12 2018

TCM – Difficult Cases

December 14 – 17, 2018

Guanhu Yang MD (China), MS, Ph.D.

Dr. Guanhu Yang had his medical training from Zhejiang University of Chinese medicine and received his master’s degree from Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine in China. He also obtained his Ph.D. in the field of internal medicine from Kanazawa Medical University in Japan. He worked as research associate in Pulmonary Biology Division of Children’s hospital Medical Center and as professor in SHI Traditional Chinese Acupuncture School in Ohio.

Dr. Yang currently has a private practice in Ohio. With many years of experience in teaching and practicing TCM in the United States, he specializes in treating difficult chronic diseases such as fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome, diabetes and tinnitus with acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. In his lecture, he introduces symptoms, diagnosis, etiology and pathogenesis of above diseases and teaches students how to treat those difficult cases with Chinese medicine.