President’s Welcome


Dear Prospective Student:

Congratulations on taking your first step towards your future as an Acupuncture & Oriental practitioner.   Founded in 1994, ATOM has been a leader in educating students to be competent and caring practitioners.  ATOM has a history of providing the highest levels of patient care and has gained a reputation for the excellence of its curricula and training.

Our outstanding and experienced faculty has taken a leadership role in ensuring that we offer our students a comprehensive and stimulating course of study in acupuncture and Oriental medicine.  Through our joint efforts, we are providing future generations of acupuncture and Oriental medicine physicians an opportunity to gain a significant amount of knowledge and skill while also imparting the equally important and often-ignored skill of learning how to teach oneself in a rapidly changing world.

As our school has continued to grow in both size and stature, it has become known as an institution that appeals to academically successful students who have the potential to embody certain traits such as compassion and confidence without arrogance.  These traits are evident by the time students graduate because our faculty and administration embody and project these noble traits and encourages and guides our students on how to develop those qualities.

There is a culture that exists at this institution that reflects these positive feelings. We’re not here just as employees of the institute, whether we be faculty, staff, or administration. We’re here because we share a passion for what we do, which is to ultimately produce high-quality acupuncture & Oriental Medicine practitioners who are committed to being caring and compassionate patient advocates and healers, wherever and whatever they may practice.

Johanna C Yen, MD (China), AP